This project is financed by the
European Union and the Republic of Türkiye.

Farms have been visited in the Gediz Basin that may be suitable fort he farm demonstrations and field days.

Demonstration studies have been conducted and identified farms for field days in villages located in Nitrate Sensitive Regions of the Gediz basin as part of our project. On July 4 and 5, 20 qualified farms visited in Manisa and Izmir to check they fulfilled the criteria. Our relevant project project experts joined the visits along with the project experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the personnel from the Provincial Directorate.

We visited each farm and village proposed by MoAF and discuss with each farmer and head of the village their expectations from the project and their interest in participating as a demonstration farm.

Basic criteria considered when identifying the farm holdings and including the level of good agricultural practices they already carry out. The main criterias are: The selected holdings will be located in different villages and will carry out both livestock and plant production activity. The maximum size of holdings will be 50 hectares and holding between 20 - 100 animals.

We completed a detailed review of our farmer and village meetings and presented our recommendations to MoAF for the two demonstration and three substitute farms and for final MoAF approval. Our expert team also assessed, and presented as part of this review, the most effective, economic and appropriate NAP measures for the region. This review will help to prioritise the measures in the already developed NAP for the Gediz basin and identify their applicability on site.