This project is financed by the
European Union and the Republic of Türkiye.

About Our Project

Our project ‘’Protection Of Waters Against Agricultural Pollution Through Establishment of A Monitoring And Reporting Methodology For The Nitrate Action Plans-NEPİZ’’ carried out within the framework of the Environment and Climate Sectoral Operational Program (ESOP) and financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MoAF) General Directorate of Agricultural Reform is the beneficiary of the project.

Numerous regular activities have been carried out in Turkey to identify, mitigate, and prevent nitrate pollution in waters due to agricultural pollution. Our primary goal is to contribute to these efforts.

The actions within the scope of the project aim at improving the quality of water resources against agricultural pollution, in keeping with the overarching goal of protecting natural resources and nature in Turkey, strengthening resilience to the effects of climate change, and mitigating climate change.

When our project is completed, a monitoring method for the implementation of the Nitrate Action Plans designed for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones in compliance with the European Union Nitrate and Water Framework Regulations will be implemented.

The target groups of our project are MoAF’s related central and provincial staff, agricultural producers, agricultural cooperatives, producers’ union, and other related NGOs.

The stakeholders of the project are Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change, which is also our contracting authority, research institutes of MoAF, universities, municipalities and related farmer organizations.

Our project will be managed in Ankara, and planned activities and demonstrations will take place in the pilot area of Gediz Basin. The final results will be implemented in 25 Turkish river basins.

Project Results

It's been planned to achieve the outputs below to reach for the project purposes:

  • Established Nitrate Action Plans Monitoring Methodology prepared specific to Turkey and Integrated into NİBİS together with annual and four-year reporting templates.
  • Increased technical capacity of MoAF central and provincial staff to reduce the Nitrate pollution resulting from agricultural activities in NVZs together with capacity building in the field of NAP implementation and monitoring.
  • Raised Awareness of local communities on agricultural nitrate pollution as well as NAP implementation and monitoring.

Project Activities

Our project will perform a series of linked activities to achieve project results. The major activities are:

  • Situation analysis in regard to preventing nitrate pollution in Turkey
  • Developing monitoring methodology for NAPs which are implemented in NVZs and testing in Gediz Basin selected as pilot area and integrating into existing NİBİS system
  • Organizing on-farm demonstrations to introduce environmentally friendly agricultural practises and systems
  • Assessing training needs, designing and implementing of training programs in order to increase the technical capacity of related stakeholders and MoAF staff working in central and provincial level in regard to NAP monitoring, environmentally friendly agricultural practises and systems and usage of NİBİS system

Performing activities in order to raise awareness of local communities, agricultural producers, experts, researchers, agricultural advisers and authorities in regard to NAP implementation and monitoring and nitrate pollution from agriculture.